Father And Son

9:30pm Friday, April 27 on TV One

Father And Son is a compelling, contemporary thriller loaded with high calibre talent, from the makers of 2006’s Oscar winning, The Queen.

Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II) plays Michael O’Connor, a former legendary gangster from Manchester. Now he’s served his time and is trying put it all behind him, only to be dragged back in after his estranged son is charged with murder.

Tonight, Michael makes an offer to Connie’s boss, Detective Inspector Conroy, that he will give the police inside information on drugs and gun running in exchange for a reduced sentence for Sean.

But DI Conroy tells him there’s a catch – the information will only be accepted if it comes from Sean.

Missed an episode of Father And Son? Full episodes are available online. Go to www.tvnz.co.nz and click ‘on demand’.

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  • L Bishop

    When do we get to see the final episode? On your site it says the show has finished!! I think not – unless it got shown at some crazy middle of the night time? Your site shows episode three and four both screend on April 27. I want to see the final please