Last Chance Dogs

8:00pm Thursday, April 19 on TV2

Sit, Roll Over, Good Dog! TV2 explores the world of badly behaved dog owners and their uncontrollable pooches in a bid to stop the statistics, in the brand new local show Last Chance Dogs.

Last Chance Dogs uncovers the ugly truth about aggressive dogs and their owners offering a rare insight in to the lives of those New Zealanders whose animals are terrorising neighbourhoods. These dog owners invite you inside their homes and lives to discover what makes them tick.

Committed vet and dog trainer Gina Voglar works to re-educate these unruly dog owners and retrain their out of control animals in a bid to change the behaviour of the dogs and to try and prevent them from being put down.

We attack a growing social issue – dogs behaving badly in our community. And answer the big questions: Why do some dog owners flaunt the rules? Are they unable to take care of their dog? Are they taking a power trip, deliberately making their dog a menace? Are vicious dogs innately dangerous or badly trained, or just out of control? Can a dog be rehabilitated? Should we even give dangerous dogs a second chance?

Meet the doggies on death row.

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