Māori and Pacific programming celebrate milestones

TVNZ is proud to announce a milestone shared by few other New Zealand programmes – the 25 year anniversary of Waka Huia and Tagata Pasifika, and the 20th anniversary of Marae Investigates.

Waka Huia was created in 1987 after the success of the Te Māori exhibition that went around the world. Originally a history programme, Waka Huia tells the stories that were not being passed on to the next generation.

The most important aspect of the programme, according to General Manager of Māori & Pacific Programming Paora Maxwell, “is the valuable treasure trove of history and tribal dialects that the show has recorded for posterity”. Waka Huia continues to contribute very valuable information about Māori language and custom.

Tagata Pasifika believes the key to their success has been the ownership and loyal support of New Zealand’s Pacific community for the programme.

Tagata Pasifika has seen a lot in its 25 years of transmission, including the passing of King Tupou IV and the extremely moving account of the death of Folole Muliaga, an electricity dependent woman whose power was turned off in 2007.

Producer Stephen Stehlin is proud of what the programme has achieved and optimistic about the future – “we’ll always listen to the Pacific community and try to give them what they want”.

Marae Investigates has also been a key part of the Maori stable of programmes for 20 years – but it doesn’t rest on its laurels, according to the show’s producer Raewyn Rasch. “Marae Investigates has benefited in the last two years from format changes and has seen it’s audience double which is a fantastic result for us”.

Paora Maxwell is grateful for the support these programmes have received over the last 25 years. “TVNZ has been privileged to partner with New Zealand On Air and Te Mangai Paaho to reach the widest possible audience.”

Tagata Pasifika screens Sundays at 7.30am and repeats Thursday 11pm

Waka Huia screens Sundays at 10am

Marae Investigates screens Sundays at 10.30am

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