MasterChef Masterclass

7:30pm Saturday, April 7 on TV One

Returning to TV ONE, the popular MasterChef MasterClass.

The perfect accompaniament to Tuesday’s action-packed MasterChef New Zealand, each week’s MasterClass turns the tables on the MasterChef judges and puts them in the spotlight.

In each episode, famous guest chefs and the MasterChef judges show the contestants and the viewers at home just how it’s done. They prepare and cook delicious dishes with step-by-step instructions and special tips for the viewers.

Tonight, Australian chef Alla Wolf-Tasker and the MasterChef judges show the contestants how to cook four classic French dishes.

If you’ve ever wanted to cook like a MasterChef, now’s your chance.

Missed an episode of MasterChef Masterclass? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

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