New Girl

8:00pm – Tuesday, April 10 on FOUR

Bad news for those fans rooting for Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) to get together – this week sees Nick introducing his new love interest, Julia (Lizzie Caplan, Mean Girls) to the gang when New Girl continues its hilarious season on Tuesday, April 10th at 8pm on FOUR.

“You know, I think with the two characters [Nick and Jess], I think my personal thing is I think the two are attracted to each other, but I don’t think either of them is ready for a relationship as serious as it would probably be,” Jake Johnson explains why he feels Nick and Jess have not gotten together. “Although they notice each other, they’re not ready to jump in. So my character starts dating Lizzy Caplan. She plays a lady named Julia.”

In the episode, entitled “The Story of the 50”, it is being alluded to that this Julia is a woman with a secret, but that doesn’t seem to deter Nick. Perhaps he just needs to get Jess off his mind worse than he thought. “It’s pretty bad,” Johnson explains about the secret. “But you know, it’s Lizzy Caplan. I think you can look past the secret.”

Dating a woman with flaws, though, seems perfectly fitting for a character who is flawed himself. “What I like about Nick is he has all of the potential in the world, and he was going somewhere, but somehow he got off track,” Johnson continues.

But one question remains, is there still hope for Nick and Jess? Find out when New Girl continues on Tuesday, April Tuesday, April 10th at 8pm on FOUR.

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