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This comic celebration of the chaos of family life continues with Sue and Pete trying to have a quiet meal out. But first they have to escape the house – which won’t be easy, given that six-year-old Karen feels they’re being financially irresponsible by dining out during a credit crunch. The evening does not go well. Pete is soon revealing that he’s been checking out something he shouldn’t on the internet, their eldest son Jake is being advised on why he should never invade Russia, and Ben is refused entry to an imaginary restaurant.

Tuesday 17th April 10.20pm



Meet The Reverend Adam Smallbone. He’s a Church of England Vicar, newly promoted from a sleepy rural parish to the busy, inner-city world of St Saviour’s in Hackney, East London. It’s a world he has no experience of. And it shows. It really shows. It is an impossibly difficult job being a good, modern, city vicar. And, equally, it’s a very hard job being married to one. Alex – Adam’s long-suffering wife – does her best to support him, but she’s got her own career as a solicitor to worry about. And she is no one’s idea of a conventional vicar’s wife. Anybody can and does come into St Saviour’s – and into Adam’s life.

From scheming MPs trying to educate their children on the cheap, to Colin, a heavy drinking, unemployable lost soul who is Adam’s most devoted parishioner. Every day throws up a new moral conflict for our vicar. Everyone always wants something from Adam – all the time. Even his supposedly supportive Lay-reader Nigel, a pedantic careerist with his eye on Adam’s job. In addition to caring for his flock, Adam has to worry about the financial burden of running a huge, decaying building – with a smashed stained glass window – and a dwindling congregation. He has to contend with hopeless volunteers, ambitious church rivals, the sinister attentions of the Archdeacon and the romantic attentions of Adoha, a renowned ‘cassock-chaser’ and church regular. In this premiere episode, Adam is elated when his dwindling congregation quadruples overnight, but the new worshippers have ulterior motives.

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