What are you watching on TV tonight? Thursday 5 April 2012

Hello! I’m currently over in Australia, and haven’t set the My Sky to record anything tonight, but I think Last Chance to See at 7:30pm on PRIME looks fantastic tonight:

Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine head off to see the nocturnal flightless parrot, the Kakapo, right here in New Zealand. They fly in a helicopter through the dramatic landscape of Fiordland – the last location of the Kakapo on the mainland. The travellers encounter Kiwi in the woodland and learn a little about flightless birds and evolution in New Zealand. They then travel to Wellington and see a Maori Kakapo cloak made of Kakapo and Kiwi feathers, before travelling to an island to see the Weta – the biggest insect in the world. They also meet Peter Jackson the director of Lord of The Rings and a funder of Weta Conservation.

What are you watching tonight?

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  • Karyn Fisk

    Spicks and Specks at 10.10pm on TVONE is a have descend watch with good laughs.