Why I'm excited about New Zealand's Got Talent 2012

It’s been a while since we had a major entertainment show of our own in New Zealand and while Prime had a crack at this format back in 2008, this time around it’s looking like it’s going to be a much bigger deal.

Firstly, check out the list of audition venues. It’s a 14 city tour!  If you’ve ever seen an episode from the Got Talent franchise, you’ll realise that the auditions are filmed in front of a live audience.  Taking this show to the provinces like this has the potential to be massive.

I remember as a child when It’s in the Bag came to the town I grew up in.  My parents managed to get tickets to the recording that was being filmed at the local war memorial hall and while I was left with a babysitter, I still heard all the stories the following day about who I knew that would be on the show and what had happened behind the scenes when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Fast forward to 2012 when the cost to produce these types of shows typically means that they’re reserved for the audiences in Auckland and on occasion, Wellington and Christchurch.  How much national interest will there be when the provinces get the chance to share in the experience?

When American Idol visits the small towns in the US where many of the finalists come from, the towns are rife with excitement and everyone seems to be behind their local representative.  While American’s do hype well, there is definitely something about smaller towns who rarely get to publicity on a national stage unless something bad happens.

The local camaraderie also brings an element of Top Town with regions competing against each other for votes.  While talent is kind of necessary, there are a bunch of other elements that will make for some great television ratings.

Secondly, while New Zealand hasn’t had much talent in creating successful winners from our entertainment shows, New Zealand’s Next Top Model has proven that it can be done if the will is there by people who can see the commercial potential.  Britain’s Got Talent has delivered us NZ chart toppers Paul Potts and Susan Boyle even though the show hasn’t even aired here.  In Australia, the Idol franchise delivered well in excess of 50 top 50 singles and kiwi born Stan Walker went on to win the final series, topping the charts in both countries as well as touring.

While “Got Talent” is probably on the decline globally, TVNZ have the opportunity here to not screw this up and build a solid brand that produces success beyond their own ad revenues.  If the producers, Imagination Television, can do what they’ve done with Masterchef and produce a career launch, then there is definitely some long term potential.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, make sure you audition!

And if you’re as excited about NZ’s Got Talent as us and would like to be Throng’s official blogger for the series, please get in touch.

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  • Well, personally, I think this is TVNZ’s last shot at making a decent entertainment show. This could be their strongest genre.

    I’m like you Regan. I’m excited about this show. It”s got potential to be a fantastic show. I mean, Tamati Coffey is the host for god sake. That’s so f******g cool.

    Bring it on!

  • Any word on who the judges will be yet?

    • throngca

      not yet but I doubt that announcement will be too far away

  • Sami

    Does anyone know if you can buy tickets to watch the live auditions?? would love to watch but cant find anything about it online?