Antonia Prebble & Siobhan Marshall reunite in The Blue Rose

Outrageous Fortune’s Antonia Prebble and Siobhan Marshall are joining forces again in THE BLUE ROSE, a new South Pacific Pictures comedy/drama for TV3, which commences shooting next month.

Created by Rachel Lang and James Griffin, the acclaimed team behind Outrageous Fortune and The Almighty Johnsons, THE BLUE ROSE is a fresh take on the investigative drama series.

THE BLUE ROSE is set in the vibrant and chaotic heart ofAucklandCity, where young guns chase opportunity, but Mum and Dad investors are losing money, while dubious finance companies hide their assets from the scrutiny of the justice system.  But for once, the underpaid and overlooked PAs and computer nerds are fighting back with unique powers we all recognise – the PA who can screw your day; the courier who can save your life.

When office temp Jane (Prebble) discovers that Rose, the PA she is replacing, died under mysterious circumstances, she joins forces with Rose’s best friend Linda (Marshall) to get justice for Rose.   Along the way, they find others who need their help, victims of fraud, theft and injustice, and soon Jane, Linda – and a team of unlikely co-workers – are taking on the corporate bullies, fighting for justice and using their unique powers for good.  They are not afraid to break the law in order to stand up for the little people, and every step takes them a little closer to uncovering what really happened to Rose.

TV3 Head of Comedy and Drama,Rachel Jean, says the series is a perfect blend of comedy, drama and thriller.

“We are thrilled that Antonia and Siobhan are coming back to TV3, and although the audience has a deep affection for Loretta and Pascalle, I think that the very different Jane and Linda will supplant them as iconic Kiwi heroes.”

Joining Marshall and Prebble on the core cast of THE BLUE ROSE are: Anna Jullienne (Underbelly NZ, Shortland Street), Jennifer Ludlam (Golden, Apron Strings); Matt Minto (Shortland Street), Raj Varma (Curry Munchers, A Thousand Apologies), Stelios Yiakmis (Underbelly NZ, McLeod’s Daughters, Jindabyne), Tim Foley (Spartacus, Legend of the Seeker), George Mason (Shortland Street), Theresa Healey (Go Girls) and newcomer James Trevena-Brown.

Series producer Chris Bailey says: “I am thrilled we have pulled together such a fantastic cast who will do justice to the wonderful stories of Rachel and James – our audience should look forward to something very special.”

THE BLUE ROSE is being produced by Chris Bailey (Nothing Trivial, Go Girls, Street Legal) for South Pacific Pictures and will screen on TV3 later this year.

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