Brian Edwards takes aim at Fair Go

The creator of Fair Go has attacked the current style of the show, saying it is imbalanced and “out of control”.

Brian Edwards wrote an interesting post on his website entitled “A Kafkaesque story that should horrify you. And it’s set in New Zealand!”, where he claimed that the show often minimised issues by squeezing them into an allocated time frame.

“Earlier this week I was acting as support person to someone who is taking a case to the Disputes Tribunal. It’s complex. After an hour and a half of questioning by the referee we still hadn’t sorted out the facts of the case, let alone come remotely near to any clarity on who had right or the law on their side and who hadn’t. Fair Go can get through three such issues in 22 minutes,” he said.

He was also scathing of the current presenters, who he said see themselves as “society’s avenging angels”.

“The vigilante mentality of reporters who saw themselves as society’s avenging angels meant that they had already been presumed guilty and nothing they could say or do was going to change that presumption.”

TVNZ spokesperson Megan Richards said Edwards could have his opinion but that TVNZ had no more to say on the matter.

Read Edwards’ full post here.


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  • Anon

    Hasn’t Edwards outlived his usefulness? Next he’ll be moaning that’s it’s no longer in black & white

  • David Finch

    Edwards is certainly more useful than cheap unfunny ageist comments posted anonymously on Throng.