Chief says Sky TV has always been under commission's microscope

While Sky TVs competitors have welcomed the recent scrutiny placed on the pay TV provider, its chief executive still maintains that they have always been under the microscope.

John Fellet says Sky TV has always been under the watchful eye of the Commerce Commission and believes the recent action is putting investors off New Zealand.

“Overseas investors have said to me ‘Jeez, New Zealand’s just not the place to invest’,” Fellet said.

“I think Sky has been one of the most scrutinised companies.

“We have always been under the microscope – but I am fine with that. If we can’t live that way we should not be in business.”

While Fellet is trying to make it clear he’s open to the commission’s moves it’s all in contrast to what he’s said in the past whenever regulation has been mentioned.

Source: Herald

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