Hell's Kitchen

9:30pm Wednesday, May 16 on TV2

It’s boys vs. girls! The teams square off in a battle of the sexes; who will come out on top? There’s no rest for the wicked and Chef Ramsay plans to keep the aspiring chefs on their toes tonight in Hell’s Kitchen.

After the stress of the latest elimination round, both teams finally get some rest, but only for a short while. Chef Ramsay has called in emergency medical technicians to check on the health of the aspiring chefs who had been complaining. Both teams are deep in sleep and are awakened by shouting medics checking their vitals. As all the aspiring chefs pass the tests, Chef Ramsay now is convinced that all of their problems are in their heads.

Ramsay’s latest challenge is to test their teamwork; they must work together to feed the medics on separate sides of the dining room. The team that feeds their side first wins.

The winners will be rewarded by first learning how to fly on a trapeze on the Santa Monica Pier, followed by a lunch at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica and enjoy a fabulous meal with Chef Ramsay. Meanwhile, the losing team will be faced with cleaning 250 pieces of stemware. Watch as tempers flare and teams turn against each other.

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