How do The GC's ratings compare?

The GC‘s pilot ratings came in with an estimated 370,660 watching the show.

It was the most-watched show on TV3 last night, with about 30,000 more viewers than 3 News.

How does this rating compare?

You could rightly point out that both TV2 and TV ONE had more people watching their shows on at the same time.

You could wonder why more people watched The GC last night than have ever tuned in to an episode of The Almighty Johnsons, or why more people watched The GC’s pilot than any episode this season of Go Girls, or why Outrageous Fortune didn’t achieve that sort of viewership until series three.

Or why only one episode of Campbell Live in the past year (Wheee! Live snow in Wellington!) had more people tune in than The GC‘s debut.

Or why only the season finale of New Zealand’s Next Top Model last year had more people watching than The GC.

Food for thought for “unpopular” headlines.

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  • David

     Surely next wednesday will be the real test though won’t it Rachel?  There was plenty of hype about it…sometime people just want to see how bad something really it (that’s why I’m about to head to ondemand…hehe).

    • cre8d

      Yup – the real test will be how the season holds out as many shows drop off after episode 1  before picking up again.  

      • David

         I only lasted 5 minutes..hehe.  Couldn’t bear any more 🙂

        • cre8d


  • I’d like to see how many viewers dropped out after the first ad break – from what I’ve seen many people couldn’t stand it.

    • Corel

      I can confirm the audience stay tuned in for the entire duration of the show – no-ne dropped out and for younger viewers it actually increased

  • hjb

    I’m surprised NZ On Air bothered funding it.  I flicked through the channels and saw the GC for about a minute before thinking “What C***”.  What has NZ On Air come to that they fund programmes like this.  I bet those high ratings don’t last.

  • AJ

    Judging by the ratings, and despite all the negative comments, this is obviously what people want to watch.  It is what I call “car crash TV”.  You don’t want to watch, but you can’t stop watching!!  I thought it was funny.  This is a part of NZ (despite being in Oz) and depending on one’s preferences, is no worse of better than some of the other programmes that are funded by NZ On Air so I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • AlexHD

    Funny how people will tune in just to talk about how much they hate it. It’ll happen next week, I guarantee.

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