Intrepid Journeys

8:30pm Tuesday, June 5 on TV One

TV ONE’s favourite travel series, Intrepid Journeys, returns to dispatch another eager bunch of travellers out into the world-less-travelled in a new season.

Tonight, when singer Annie Crummer sets off on her Intrepid Journey to Peru in South America, she is determined “not to be a whinger.”

Crummer begins her journey in Peru’s capital Lima, where she attends the festival for the city’s 477th birthday. She then travels on to Peurto Maldonado where she camps out in the Amazon jungle, before travelling to the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco, and then attempts a challenging mountain trek at Ollantaytambo.

The animal lover puts on a brave face while eating roast whole guinea pig with a local family; she controls her fear of spiders when she sees both a tarantula and a scorpion spider in the Amazon rain forest; and she doesn’t freak out too much at a close encounter with a baby piranha.

Annie even sets out on a challenging three-day mountain hike and overcomes a battle with terrible altitude sickness, the dramatic effects of being 4500 metres above sea level.

This Intrepid Journey stretches Annie to the outer limits of her strength and endurance. But aspects of Peruvian life and culture fondly remind Crummer of her Rarotongan and Tahitian roots – “The people remind me of me and my family”, she says.

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