Intrepid Journeys

8:30pm Tuesday, May 22 on TV One

Announcing the departure of another series of boundry-pushing armchair travel adventures, Intrepid Journeys.

This much loved award-winning series takes well-known New Zealanders on the road less travelled and in the process reveals more about our travellers than they probably knew themselves.

Tonight, whilst attempting to climb a volcano, battle leeches and cope with recent back surgery, international supermodel Rachel Hunter has a tense moment with an angry orangutan, and is moved to tears by stories of loss in the Boxing Day tsunami when she visits Sumatra in her Intrepid Journey.

Sumatra is in the north western islands of the Indonesian archipelago, and Hunter’s Intrepid Journey begins in the capital Medan. She then passes through Lake Toba to the village of Dokan, where she stays in a local homestay and sleeps the night on the floor along with an extended family of 35.

Hunter is in a reflective mood on her Intrepid Journey, and talks frankly about where she is at in her life and career. She expresses an interest in returning to live in New Zealand and confesses to having often felt “socially inept,” which she thinks is the reason for her deep love of animals.

Hunter admits that her Intrepid Journey took her “a world away from the life I know.”

Missed Intrepid Journeys? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

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