MasterChef Masterclass

7:30pm Saturday, May 26 on TV One

The perfect accompaniment to a weekly serving of MasterChef New Zealand: the popular MasterChef Masterclass.

Tonight, MasterChef judges Josh Emett, Simon Gault and Ray McVinnie make three delicious dishes from less familiar cuts of beef.

They’re joined by Cameron Webb, a butcher from Countdown, who carves their cuts to order from a side of beef.

Simon kicks things off with a slow-cooked prime rib roast. Josh also takes things slowly with a classic American cut, short rib. Ray bucks the trend by cooking a very fast recipe, flash-fried flank steak.

For meat-lovers, this is the ultimate Masterclass. If you’ve ever wanted to cook like a MasterChef, now’s your chance.

Missed an episode of MasterChef Masterclass? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

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