Paul Henry offends Australians with asylum seeker comments

Paul Henry has offended Australian Breakfast viewers with some comments regarding asylum seekers.

Henry was commenting on the subject of asylum seekers and the recent decision by the Australian federal government to pay households up to $300 a week to accommodate them.

“If this is all about saving money you could broaden it out. Why not criminals? Not murderers, but low level criminals,” Henry said.

“The jails could be smaller and you could put them in homestay situations … The mentally ill could go into homes.”

Henry then said that it would be a good idea to put an asylum seeker in a linen cupboard.

“You’d want to get the linen out, wouldn’t you? Otherwise (inaudible) ‘oh, these sheets are dirty. Ergh’.

“‘Don’t ask. These towels… (sniffs) oh no, don’t ask. We’ve got someone living in the linen cupboard kids, just don’t go in there’.”

ABC’s Media Watch programme criticised Henry for his comments, saying: “Henry’s been imported from New Zealand specifically, it seems, to kick Australian television’s political correctness in the goolies.

“What’s sicker still is that Henry’s bosses at Ten will be delighted that their struggling little breakfast show has featured on Media Watch. If they’d had any shame, they wouldn’t have hired him in the first place.”


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