Prime TV and CBS Studios International Conclude New Deal

Prime TV is delighted to announce a studio volume deal with CBS Studios International.

The multiyear deal gives Prime exclusive free-to-air broadcasting rights in New Zealand to a broad range of new series that the Hollywood studio produces from the start of the new US television season in the fall of 2012.

Karen Bieleski, Head of Prime TV, said the volume licensing deal is Prime’s first and represents a very exciting opportunity for the channel.

“Prime has been the only channel in New Zealand without a major studio supply deal and our agreement with CBS Studios International will enhance our current schedule in both primetime and off-peak, allowing us to offer a far greater variety of quality daytime content including talk shows, entertainment news and factual programming,”

“The addition of top quality American network programmes such as Elementary and Vegas  will add enormous value to our existing line up alongside viewer favourites such as Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Midsomer Murders, Top Gear and True Blood,” she said.

Armando Nuñez, President, CBS Studios International: “We are very pleased to be the first major Hollywood studio to partner with Prime. This volume deal provides audiences in New Zealand with a wide range of CBS’s world-class programming and further positions us as a leading US content supplier in the region.”

Ms Bieleski said the CBS Studios International deal represents a significant commitment to Prime’s future.

“This is a turning point for Prime TV.  Over the past six years we have worked hard to rebuild the channel’s financial structure and we are thrilled that we are now further enhancing our commitment to quality free-to-air television in New Zealand with our agreement with CBS Studios International ,”

The first shows to air will be Vegas, Elementary, Emily Owens MD, Friend Me and Beauty and the Beast starring Jay Ryan.

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  • reece_555

    I’m wondering if Mediaworks will be too concerned with this? I assume Mediaworks retains the rights to CBS content it already has and there hasn’t exactly been any hits for them from this deal recently. All the hit shows in this country that air on CBS except for both NCIS series are produced by Warner therefore go to TVNZ. They might be hit in the off-peak content area and that’s about it.

  • driftaguy

    I hope they will air the rest of Medium, since TV3 put the previous series on at about 11.30 at night leaving me with the impression that they haven’t bought the rights for the final 1/2 series.

    • H

      No they can’t air content that is owned by another company. Even though TV3 doesn’t have a proper contract with CBS it’s still there show to air. They own all the rights to the shows they purchased through the previous contract they had.