Rosanna Arkle

Date of birth : 30 September 1988

Height : 5”6
Size/weight : 6 – 8 / 52kg
Eye colour : Brown/Hazel
Hair colour : Brown (blonde on the series though)
Number of years living in The GC : 4 years
Originally from : Whangarei
Occupation : Accounts Manager/ Part time Model

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Rosanna is a glamour model who fills her days in as a promo girl. Originally from Whangarei in NZ she has lived on the GC for four years and has been going out with Zane for the best part of three years now. Despite her model like looks Rosanna is actually the mother hen of the whare and spends a lot of time worrying about others.

She and ZANE are in love and he supports her modelling career as she searches for fame and fortune.

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