Strike Back

9:35pm Wednesday, June 13 on Prime

Action Series

Prime welcomes the return of this high-octane, globe-spanning thriller! Reeling from a failed rescue attempt of John Porter, a crack Secret Intelligence Service agent held hostage by a Pakistan terrorist group, British Section 20 agents Michael Stonebridge and Kate Marshall are instructed by their boss, Colonel Eleanor Grant, to head to New Delhi, where the leader of the terrorists, a mysterious figure named Latif, is rumored to be planning a major attack. Before joining Grant and Kate in India, Stonebridge detours to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to recruit former Delta Force operative Damian Scott, an American friend of Porter’s who was dishonorably discharged on the eve of the Iraq invasion, and who has been biding his time as a mercenary brawler. Agreeing to help hunt down Latif (for a fee), Scott decodes a secret message on a Porter videotape, then joins Stonebridge in New Delhi, where the two check in to the Royal Lotus Hotel… just as a group of 16 terrorists are setting up a siege.

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