The GC: the most quotable NZ TV show in years

New Zealand’s reality TV show queen Julie Christie has done it again with what could well be her biggest show to date: The GC. Hate it or love it, you’re talking about it. You’re quoting it. And as to be expected, #TheGC trended worldwide.

I’ve no idea why promotional articles about the show were at such pains to say that it is nothing like MTV’s Jersey Shore or its official UK adaptation, Geordie Shore.

Let’s be completely honest about it: TV3’s The GC is completely and utterly our unofficial adaptation of those shows.

Take eight beautiful young things with money to burn in a gorgeous beach setting (oh how I miss you summer!) and follow their partying. To quote Regan, it’s all about the “glorified sluttery”.

It’s the latest junk food show. Yes, it’s bad and has no real value, but it’s irresistibly fantastic entertainment. It’s mockable. It’s so funny that it would take me all night to type in all the quotable quotes. It’s pure soapy escapism.

Let’s celebrate it for what it is, not for what it’s not trying to be. As Robyn Gallagher said to me, “it may be trashy, but it’s *our* trash!”

“The more I drink, the better you look!”
“Gotta finish your kai, don’t be fussy.”
“Five aunties, five nights.”
“Go seek mental guidance!”

Let’s see those TV ratings tomorrow, shall we?

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  • Tonyramsay

    It will be crap. I won’t be watching it. I hope Julie Christie emigrates to America soon where they worship garbage and we never have to endure the even slight hint that her completely unentertainting trash is being made. I wish the programme the worst possible luck.

    • cre8d

      Hilarious 😀

      Love the Kiwi attitude.

  • Karl

    Yes, and it’s worth remembering that Flight of the Conchords never got commissioned in NZ.

    • cre8d

      A true tragedy that one.

  • AlexHD

    The most entertaining part of the show is the audience meta-game. Who can come up with the best Twitter zinger? Is “mental guidance” the new “ghost chips”? I’ll watch this show, cringe every minute, tweet about how awful it is, repost an inane quote, laugh about it with my friends, and come back next week for more.

    • cre8d

      Love your comment, you totally get it! 🙂

  • So much fun! Those guys aren’t so sharp, but they’re having fun and it’s a interesting look at a very interesting kind of young New Zealander.

  • Karen

    Utterly, utterly cringemaking. Worst over-hyped trash tv I’ve ever seen. #epicfail

  • Wanted for crimes against NZ’s Television, Intellect & Image: “The GC”
    Known  accomplices: Julie Christie, NZ on Air, TV3.
    Bounty:  $420,000 of NZ’s taxpayer money.

  • reece_555

    It was more like The Hills than Jersey Shore so it wasnt as trashy and I was left disappointed.

    Flight Of The Conchords being commissioned here would be a tragedy, A post 10.30 PM slot on TV2 is next to nothing compared to being commissioned by HBO.

    • cre8d

      Yeah, it could well end up like The Hills, depends on how trashy they go with the sex side of things.

      • reece_555

        Its more like the Hills in that it follows the daily lives of its “cast” as opposed to Jersey Shore which puts its “cast” in a house for a short time with a specific goal. The filming looks strategically planned as well just like the hills. The 8PM time slot will probably restrict most of the trashy stuff.

    • cre8d

      You’re right about HBO vs TV2 too!  I guess tragedy in the sense that it wasn’t seen for the success it was going to be by Kiwis.  

  • David Finch

    So even the people who like it think it’s awful?  Is this what we’ve come to? 

    • cre8d

      If it entertains….

  • Jamesisindahouse

    “conversating” “remotest” LOLWTF

  • Phil

    Nate: ‘I want to be an actress’