Ty's Great British Adventure

7:00pm Saturday, May 12 on Prime

Reality Series

The locals of Portishead were devastated when the council announced it was closing their much-loved open air swimming pool. The community rallied round and persuaded the council to hand their pool back to them. There’s only one problem – there’s months of work to be done and a very short deadline. In just seven days Ty Pennington and the people of Portishead must reopen and renovate their neglected open air swimming pool and transform it into a Mediterranean-style oasis ready in time for the vital summer season. Ty and his helpers must clear out the pool, transform the changing rooms, install a children’s wet play area, fit solar heating, and redecorate this special place in the hearts of the Portishead community. In this episode, with the grand opening just 24 hours away, the project has been delayed by rainstorms. If there’s any chance of celebrations tomorrow Ty and the volunteers will have to work late into the night!

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