Best Of Top Gear

8:30pm Sunday, June 17 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Jeremy forgets about speed and power and is thrilled to get the opportunity to review the Citroen C6. He is looking forward to the insane way old models have stereos mounted next to the handbrake, gear levers on the dashboard, and indicators where the radio should be. Top Gear gets a lot of letters, but one caught them by surprise. It was from someone called Jackie Stewart, who claimed he could teach any one of the boys to drive quickly. Frankly, the boys didn’t believe him, so they sent Captain Slow (James May) up to prove him wrong. Will James be able to reduce his lap time? Sir Michael Gambon is the only star to have a corner on the Top Gear track named after him and he shows what he is capable of as tonight’s celebrity in the reasonably priced car.

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