Conclusion of Spartacus a blow to New Zealand actors

The New Zealand Actors Equity says the conclusion of the Spartacus series will be a “major blow” to kiwi actors.

It has been announced that the series will finish after its third season, which is currently in production in this country.

Anna Majavu from New Zealand Actors Equity says the show has been hugely beneficial for local actors.

“Screen acting work on major series is the only form of stable income for professional actors and the end of Spartacus will be a major blow to New Zealand’s professional actors who have been cast in increasing numbers in core-cast roles,” she said.

She says being a part of a major international series has been a great opportunity for actors here.

“It can catapult them into a big acting career overseas and definitely work in their favour if they want to go work in Australia or LA because it’s an international series.”

Kiwi actor Gareth Williams, who plays Vettius, said: “It does create opportunities because you can say that you’ve been in an American TV series, which is usually something you have to go to the States to actually do. It’s definitely a big plus that you can do it in your backyard.”

Source: Herald

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