10:05pm Thursday, June 28 on TV One

When a successful British husband and wife comedy team, Beverly (Tamsin Greig, Black Books) and Sean (Stephen Mangan, Green Wing) are lured to Hollywood to produce a new version of their hit TV series for a US network, they’re initially thrilled at the prospect.

Things begin to unravel as soon as Sean and Beverly arrive in LA. It soon becomes clear that the network president has never even seen their show and insists that they replace their brilliant lead actor with – Matt LeBlanc (Friends)!

Tonight, Sean and Beverly are still reeling from the network’s decision. But when they meet Matt at a swanky dinner party at Merc’s house, he couldn’t be more charming or flattering about their show.

Unfortunately, the natural animosity between Matt and Beverly rises to the surface, and Beverly learns just how much you don’t want the former Friend as an enemy.

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