7:00pm – Sunday, June 24 on TV 3

While Bev (Jennifer Ludlam) continues to search for miracle weight-loss options for Team Bowman, Paul (Joel Tobeck) and Eliot (Jesse Griffin) struggle to overcome a major hurdle in Shelley’s training regime in this week’s unmissable Golden, continuing its hilarious season on Sunday, June 24 th at 7pm on 3. Lucy Schmidt, who portrays Golden’s Shelley Bowman says that working on the series was the first time she attempted rowing, giving her a newfound respect for the sport.

“I was absolutely unfamiliar with rowing and the first time I was actually in a boat was during the show,” Schmidt explains.

“I have nothing but absolute respect for people who row. It’s extraordinarily hard to row those races and give everything and you’ve just got to ignore the pain threshold and just keep going. So it’s something that personally I never would or could do.”

As for her own sporting achievements, Schmidt says she’s a long way away from her gold medal winning character.

“I don’t know how old I was but I got 4th in the road race at school,” Schmidt explains. “A couple of years ago my sisters and I did a triathlon and I finished both times. I got little medals for it.”But what about her character, are there more medals in store for Shelley Bowman? Schmidt is not giving much away, simply saying: “When we did our last scene on the shoot, tears just sprung out of my eyes.” What could this mean for Team Bowman? Find out when Golden continues on Sunday, June 24 th at 7pm on 3.

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