7:00pm – Sunday, June 17 on TV 3

Brand new to 3, this local comedy tells the story of Shelley Bowman – New Zealand’s golden girl, with the medals to prove it. But as The Games are on the horizon again, the big question is: Where is Shelley Bowman now? Find out in Golden, premiering on Sunday, June 17 th at 7pm on 3. After smashing all world records in the women’s single sculls, Shelley Bowman (Lucy Schmidt) was on top of the world. Watching from home, 4.28 million hearts soared with the New Zealand national anthem as the blonde, blue-eyed rowing champion accepted her gold medal. But a freak accident during the ceremony left Shelley injured and making headlines worldwide.

Three years later, we find Shelley holed up in the suburbs, having forgone training and tofu and taken up TV and pies. Sixty-five kilograms heavier and counting, Shelley is dependent on Eliot (Jesse Griffin) – her cousin, best friend and physiotherapist – to keep her in donuts and out of the spotlight. And although she gets daily visits from her mother, Bev (Jennifer Ludlam), lamenting the halcyon days when her daughter was the nation’s golden girl, Shelley remains deeply in denial and blas� about her return to glory. She’ll get back in shape; then she’ll be ready to face the world. But the clock is ticking and even Shelley knows that she can’t hide forever.

Motivation comes from ex-coach and jilted ex-boyfriend Paul Swanson (Joel Tobeck) appearing on the TV with his new prot�g�. When it becomes clear that he is making a bid for another gold medal with another rower, Shelley is suddenly very keen to make her comeback. But, although determined to regain her world champion fitness, Shelley quickly finds it’s not that easy. Bev has appointed herself diet guru, with unfortunate results, and Eliot is out of his league as stand-in coach. Without the expertise of Paul, ‘Team Bowman’ is missing a link. Initially, pride stands in the way of Shelley approaching Paul, but when Eliot finally gets her on the scales even Shelley has to admit they need him.

Can Paul be persuaded to accept the challenge and bring Shelley back to her former self? Find out when Golden premieres on Sunday, June 17 th at 7pm on 3.

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