Grand Designs Revisited

7:30pm – Thursday, June 21 on TV 3

Design expert Kevin McCloud finds out how another house construction is doing since we last saw them on Grand Designs when Grand Designs Revisited returns will all new episodes on Thursday, June 21 st at 7:30pm on 3.

This week sees McCloud and the team revisit the home of Andrew Tate and Deborah Mills, who, over 10 years ago, as one of Grand Design’s first projects, found a site with a monstrous, dilapidated, 100-foot tall water tower on it. Unusually, they saw it as the perfect spot to build a contemporary family home and hoped to convert the old water tower into a seven-storey bedroom wing.

Andrew is a commercial architect and so the modern new build went up in just four months, using fast-track methods alongside unconventional building materials. However, things were not so easy when it came to the three-feet thick water tower – a doorway they expected to be made in two days, took two weeks. McCloud first went back to see Andrew and Deborah three years after they had moved into their contemporary extension but they had still made no progress on the water tower and were living with minimal bedroom space. Now, a decade later, McCloud returns again, to see if the water tower conversion has finally happened. However, one thing that Tate and Deborah should not expect the visit is false pity from the “tell it like it is” Grand Designs host. Having trained in both architecture and design, McCloud has more then earned his right for being able to be more than just a little honest with the Grand Designs projects.

“Yes, I can be sharp,” he admits. “I’m extremely demanding, very tidy and anal about things being in the right place. I’m a nightmare to live with in that way as I like things to be beautiful.”

“But why not? My job is trying to make difficult subjects exciting. And I want viewers to say, ‘Yeah, that’s interesting. I could do that’. Home improvement is life’s last adventure that we can all do.” But after almost 100 house makeovers, what motivates this design guru to go back and revisit projects from previous seasons of Grand Designs?

“I wouldn’t do this job if I didn’t get excited,” he explains. “When Grand Designs was first broadcast on Channel 4 [U.K.] in 1999, it quickly became television gold, so it’s nice to go back and see how they’re doing now.” Make sure not to miss this week’s revisit when Grand Designs Revisited returns to our screens on Thursday, June 21 st at 7:30pm on 3.

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