Intrepid Journeys

8:30pm Tuesday, June 19 on TV One

TV ONE’s favourite travel series, Intrepid Journeys, returns to dispatch another eager bunch of travellers out into the world-less-travelled.

Comic actor and writer Oscar Kightley admits he was an unlikely candidate for Intrepid Journeys because he had never even slept in a tent in New Zealand – “the most intrepid thing I do at home is walk to the dairy”, he says.

But in tonight’s voyage to Burma (or Myanmar), Oscar observes the longest military dictatorship in the world and manages to use his cheeky charm to minimise the more athletic activities required of him.

He begins his Intrepid Journey in Yangon, then travels to Golden Rock, one of the most sacred sites in the country. Oscar avoids a four-hour hike by jumping on the back of a crowded truck for the trip, and then gets the locals to carry him up the mountain on a stretcher chariot.

But Oscar’s trip is not without its challenges. He conquers a fear of motorbikes he has had since being involved in a crash, and is moved by the plight of small children sleeping in the streets. Oscar meets a 10-year-old boy who works hard running his own street stall, which makes him very reflective about his life in New Zealand, and his journey there from being born in Samoa.

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