Intrepid Journeys

8:30pm Tuesday, June 26 on TV One

TV ONE’s favourite travel series, Intrepid Journeys, returns to dispatch another eager bunch of travellers out into the world-less-travelled.

Tonight, psychologist and author Dr Pamela Stephenson-Connolly takes an Intrepid Journey to Papua New Guinea, much to the jealousy of her husband, comedian Billy Connolly.

The New Zealand-born former Not the Nine O’Clock News star initially had no qualms about spending 12 days in the wilds of Papua New Guinea, but later confessed to having a few anxieties about her health. Having once suffered from dengue fever, the keen traveller shows off a rather large and well-stocked first aid kit she has taken with her on her journey.

Stephenson-Connolly’s Intrepid Journey begins at Mt Hagen with the annual Sing-Sing cultural festival. There, she samples the controversial local Betel Nut to see what affect it will have on her.

She visits a former World War II Japanese airbase then heads to Palambei, where she gets special permission from the local chief to enter the usually men-only Spirit House – the most important place in the village.

But Stephenson-Connolly has mixed feelings when she emerges from the Spirit House and is subjected to the reaction from the local women.

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