Intrepid Journeys

8:30pm Tuesday, July 3 on TV One

TV ONE’s favourite travel series, Intrepid Journeys dispatches another eager bunch of travellers out into the world-less-travelled.

Intrepid Journeys presenters have struggled with steep mountain climbs, crocodile infested waters, angry wild animals and more. But in tonight’s season finale, it’s learning to salsa dance that seems to present former All Black captain Buck Shelford with the greatest challenge on his trip to Cuba.

Shelford begins his adventure in Cuba’s capital, Havana – the city of cars, bars and cigars. He then travels to Trinidad – once the hub of the sugar trade, before moving on to Santiago de Cuba, where locals still practice the African slave religion Santeria.

But despite some of the challenges of his Intrepid Journey, Shelford says he feels privileged to have been able to travel to Cuba while its 85-year-old leader Fidel Castro is still alive.

Shelford’s Intrepid Journey sees him reflecting on his days travelling with the All Blacks. “Back then it was all flash suitcases and five star hotels, this time around it’s a backpack and cheap local homestays,” he says.

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