Is criticism of The GC race-based?

The creator of The GC has suggested many New Zealanders may not have taken to the series due to the fact it is portraying Maori in a different light.

Bailey Mackey has questioned whether criticism of the show is race-based.

“There is still a section of New Zealand that isn’t that keen to see Maori portrayed as doing well, and the heart of our show is young Maori taking control of their futures,” he said.

“I’d probably done 20-plus shows before it, but it will probably define my time as a broadcaster. It’s been successful on a number of levels, in terms of creating a debate around a number of issues, and in its depiction of Maori.

“You can make a series that talks about Maori and the statistics Maori are often the top of, but at the end of the day you don’t get attention for that. But you flip the coin and suddenly you get this massive response.”

Do you think Mackey has a point?



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  • Andrew

    If living rich on the basis of vague ‘property developing,’ and being shown to be drunken, misogynistic, idiots (most of all idiots) equals success these days, I guess. Of course none of that equals success, does it. So no, Mackey doesn’t have a point. The GC is just as bad at portraying Maori as the likes of Police Ten 7.

  • Drew M

    I think Mackays comments stink of desperate publicity seeking for his show from playing the old race card, because there is no way Maori are portrayed in a ‘positive successful light’ in that stinking show.

  • Wiseacre

    We don’t like the show so we must be racist? Jerk.

  • Bill

    It doesn’t matter if they are white trash or brown trash, they are still trash!!

  • Suz

    How are they anything to aspire too? They are overly vain, self-obsessed and living in the most culturally devoid place on earth – I bet NZ on air will politely decline funding a second series after being so totally duped