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Episode 21 series 8

The success of our women’s magazines depends on their ability to speak to the hopes, fears, desires and ambitions of kiwi women.

In New Zealand the market is crowded and fiercely competitive.

NZ Women’s Weekly which celebrates 80 years of publication this week, leads a bunch of titles, which constantly seek to gazumph each other with features detailing the hatches, matches, despatches, misdemeanours and peccadilloes of local and international celebrities.

The other potent driver of magazine sales is the guilt and envy women are encouraged to feel on a range of issues from body shape and size to job satisfaction, pay parity and equality of opportunity at work.

Case in point is the current issue of NEXT Magazine which has a series of surveys where Nielsen interviewed 1000 women aged 15+.

The picture that emerged was generally not a happy one.

This week Media7 probes the perceptions and the realities of modern female media consumers and asks do they get a fair deal?

While the women’s magazine market is driven largely by women and aimed squarely at women, the messages are often patriarchal and idealise unreal and unattainable stereotypes.

Joining the korero with Russell Brown this week are NZ Women’s Weekly Editor Sarah Stuart, comedian Urzila Carlson and a man who has often manipulated the messages Adman, David Walden.

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The show is replayed several times during the week. (Friday 9.05 am and 1.05 pm, Sunday 11.05 pm and Monday 10.05 am and 2.05 pm).

Media7 is broadcast both on FreeView and on Sky Channel 77. It is also available on demand from TVNZ’s website, can be downloaded as a podcast http://tvnz.co.nz/media7/podcasts-2757335 and is available on YouTube.

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