Shortland Street vs The Edge

A war of words has broken out between a Shortland Street cast member and a DJ from The Edge radio station.

Dominic Harvey and Jay-Jay Feeney have come under fire for secretly recording a conversation between themselves and Pua Magasiva and Teuila Blakely from Shortland Street.

Magasiva says he was unaware they were being recorded when chatting to Harvey and Feeney at last week’s Shortland Street anniversary party. The Edge went on to air the recorded conversation on the radio.

“Jus herd my secret recorded interview with JJ on the Edge wile I was drunk. Nice try 2 make me luk stupid! Disappointing bt thts Edge 4u,” Magasiva postede on Twitter.

Harvey tweeted back: “Sorry bro! Didn’t mean to offend. We love all the Magisivas. Wouldn’t have played it if we thought it made you look bad!”

But Magasiva was unimpressed with the half-hearted apology.

“Make me look bad, fine! But make my wife look bad? Not cool. I am hurt ova that. So was she … Wrong move and very disrespectful … When involves someone’s family then we got serious problems. Me, have a go. Not my family.”

Other Shortland Street cast members have gone into bat for their cast mates, with Angela Bloomfield (Rachel McKenna) tweeting: “I’m sure it’s illegal to record people without their knowledge and play it on the radio … They would never have sworn or talked to you about those things if they knew you were taping.”

Source: Herald

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  • Harrison

    Does anyone know what he actually said in the recording?

  • aaronimpact

    Us intelligent folk that don’t listen to The Edge don’t know anything about it, so why go public?