Strike Back

9:30pm Wednesday, June 20 on Prime

Action Series

With Scott and Stonebridge still imbedded at the Royal Lotus Hotel, Major General Kohli of India agrees to hold off on a government assault until morning. Terrified hostages continue to huddle in the booby-trapped lobby while Scott and Stonebridge play cat-and-mouse with the terrorists, trying to keep a coveted guest, Iman Zubedah, from falling into the hands of Latif. As Stonebridge tends to Scott’s wound in a suite, the American reveals that he was framed for drug possession as a Delta Force member – no doubt because he had learned about a covert shipment of WMDs that were lifted from Iraq. As dawn approaches outside the hotel, Grant and Ashkani brace for a denouement that could liberate the hostages and Mahmood – or turn the Royal Lotus into a flaming pile of rubble and corpses.

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