The GC

8:00pm – Wednesday, June 20 on TV 3

The GC, the local reality series which, over the last eight weeks, has followed the lives of a group of bronzed, beautiful and ambitious young Maori as they live the dream on The Gold Coast concludes its season on Wednesday, June 20 th at 8pm on 3. “Being part of The GC was really liberating,” series star Alby Waititi explains about the series that has made her a household name across New Zealand, adding; “Being able to share with the world who Alby Waititi is was a true blessing.”

“The GC has defiantly been a highlight in my career that I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to change for the world,” adds co-star Jade Ruwhiu.

“I feel blessed to have been given the chance to represent myself, my family and my heritage while achieving some of my lifelong goals and dreams,” Jade continues.

When asked what they’ve enjoyed most about the series, Alby says; “All the cast and the awesome time rolling around the Gold Coast with the crew who worked hard in making this show what it is today.” “I am so grateful to have met all of these unique people as well as our continued relationships that have grown stronger and stronger after the production has ended,” adds Jade.

But the question still remains – what’s in store for Alby, Jade and their GC friends in this week’s finale? Find out on Wednesday, June 20 th at 8pm on 3.

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