The GC: NZ's most brilliant show ever

After a very short six weeks, The GC has ended but before all those teary-eyed snivelers can finally put their handkerchiefs away I’d like to say a few words.

The GC was absolutely brilliant television.  It should win awards and accolades, if not for its storytelling, for its ability to set up the entire demographic outside of its target and have them gnashing their teeth.  The pilot had old, Pakeha media commentators frothing at the mouth over a single episode which they assumed would be representative of the entire series.  They whined about the pitch.  They complained about the investment.  If there was some way they could justify the fact that television shows should only be made for their demographic, they found it.

By the time the second week came around and the lives of the cast returned to normal, it was less about partying and more about, surprise surprise, being a Maori living on the Gold Coast.  It didn’t take long to realise that the producers had performed one of the biggest publicity stunts in New Zealand television history, and all those media commentators had taken the bait.

Six weeks later and the only people complaining are those who still remember what they saw in the first episode and haven’t bothered to watch anything since.  They’ve missed some truly brilliant and emotional television.  They’ve missed seeing some entrepreneurial young Maori see their dreams realised.  They’ve missed seeing them discover their heritage and culture and indeed, how that impacts them while living in another country.

These were some of the best characters New Zealand television has bought to our screens in years.  They have had everyone talking about them.  More importantly, there has been Maori represented in prime time who weren’t playing for the All Blacks.

If NZ On Air doesn’t fund a second season of The GC, they’d be crazy.

We have this limited edition collectors item to give away to a fan. Tell us what you loved about The GC and we’ll pick a winner on Friday!

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  • Not all the bad reviews came from old people – and some of the reviewers watched the whole series and stand by their earlier comments (a few scenes that partly redeemed the series notwithstanding) 😉

  • Link

    From the 1st episode to the final episode i saw all the crew grow , finding out the song on the series is Jade Louise’s recording & has more understanding to it now.
    Good to see all of them making a go of life & having fun in the mean time.

  • Barn

    I loved seeing the guys doing well for themselves. Alby is the

  • Jon

    I really enjoyed the cast coming to grips with the reality of being a Maori in the context of another land. The ability to embrace their ethnicity without relying on state sanctioned protocols was really good.

  • Shen Richmond

    yah its kinda obvious that some scenes are scripted and the rest not, but overall its really awesome to see that they are actually doing well for themselves, they didn’t even get paid…hope theres a season 2

  • I watched more than the first episode, still thought it was terrible. Im not old, I am 19. I love shows like that such as Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore but even Keeping Up With The Kardashians is less fake than the GC and more intersting to and atleast the Kardashians actually have an educatuion. A second season is well in truly a waste of money. The money could be spent on something like saving TVNZ7 or buying ice cream.

  • I really liked the show. Having grown up with Maoris most of my life I kinder get their little cliques that were shown on the show. I think that its ka pai that there all over there realising their dreams and making something off their life where the money obviously is. be it creating a singing career, or not, investing in property, or owning his own gym, all the crew are making a go of a solid career and enjoying life at the same time. They have created themeslves a really good life, and I think some of the haters from Aoteroa are moreso just jealous that its not them over there enjoyig life. I cant wait for the second season, and look forward to how the lives of those on the show have changed. Oh and I think its awesome that DJ Tuini has roots back to my hometown of Waiuku. Keep working hard to achieve your dreams and KIA KAHA NEEFS!!

  • John

    When did you see tame jade Rosie Zane or the other girlfriend working? You saw them in their scaffoldig clothes, jade in a suit, and the girl
    Do one photo shoot, this was supposed to be about them achieving their dreams. The show was a con: that wasn’t their apartment. The only real part was the bro doing up his hearty gym. Ps they were plastic Maori some couldn’t speak a word of te reo. That little poser dick ne’er lived a day in NZ, he is an Aussie not a kiwi

  • Raukawa

    Ahhhhhh of corse regan you would play the race card. Such a weak weak excuse! That isn’t true Maoridom. What a bunch of plastic brown boys shaving their legs and arms, cutting their hair before town being girl whipped, human door mats to their girlfriends? Anyone can get a tamoko, they don’t represent Maori in anyway whatsoever !

    • Well you obviously missed the point. How many Maori are now classified as urban? As the years go by, more and more Maori find themselves disconnected from their culture, history and language. Dare I say it but would it be a fair assumption to make that the majority of those with Maori blood in their veins have little or no connection to their culture or history?

      I think you’d find that those on The GC do represent Maori and probably more than you’d wish to believe.

  • PsalmsWest

    Heres some inside info: Season 2 has been approved and sold to channel 10 Australia .. Supporter since day 1.

  • Karina

    I loved seeing DJ Tuini become enthusiastic and interested in her Maori heritage! More young people need to do this!

  • CharlotteE.

    I just loved the show because of how down to earth and realistic it was. Yeah fair enough the first ep was a bit awkward and staged, but how can you blame them? With cameras on you at all times it’s hard to be yourself. But as the season went on and the banter that came with it, it was actually good quality t.v Tame provided the laughs, especially when he took the piss out of Nate in the last ep about his rapping/driving. But i definitely would love to see a 2nd season. They deserve it.

  • I loved it because even though its not what everybody does but it shows what these group of mates do on the gold coast. Some people may hate it but so what, all up i really liked the series and id be keen to see another season

  • Wicked post Regan. Made me take another look at the series and I loved it. Liked seeing it all wrapped up at the end too, and the single is GREAT =D

  • Miri

    Thought I’d not view “The GC” past Season 1 x Episode 1. But then surprised myself by wanting to know what the cast was up to after that. Next thing: I kind of loved it!..I knew only a little about the Maori culture and am still not an expert, of course. But I saw all 8 shows so far and liked the modern day view of how life is for some in the younger generation. Hope there will be more! I especially appreciated seeing the young people being into their culture – and that those less familiar with their heritage took serious steps to understand it further. Jade’s history was interesting, too! And very much like how it was for some of my extended family members re: the different cultures making up our own family. Would like to have seen more about the relatives of Rosie and others who did not get as much of a backstory told. Would like to see more episodes and/or a Season 2. And as far as the comparisons to the “Jersey Shore” show? I cannot stand the J.S. and literally felt nauseated watching it. “The GC” is nothing like it, imho and is truly a lot of fun to watch.

    West Coast, U.S.A.