War of words heats up between Rosanna and Jaime ahead of bout

Let’s hope the actual fight between Jaime Ridge and Rosanna Arkle lives up to the war of words that has already begun.

The GC’s Arkle branded Ridge a “cheat” after it was alleged that Ridge had not lost the required weight for their boxing bout in July.

Arkle initially weighed in at 52kg and Ridge at 60kg, so the organisers asked both girls to respectively gain and lose weight in order to even up the fight.

The GC cast member vented her frustration at Ridge’s apparent lack of weight loss on Facebook and Twitter.

“If she wants to take this fight seriously, then Little Miss Prissy needs to lose the weight as promised,” Arkle told the Herald.

“I train hard every day. I was told to gain weight and I have. She doesn’t listen to the rules. I wasn’t brought up like that. I didn’t have wealthy parents. I’ve worked hard for everything.”

However, Ridge’s trainer Monty Betham hit back, saying it was rich “coming from a girl who’s fighting in a bikini”.

“She’s training twice a day … and she’s well-respected by the boxers at the gym.”

Source: Herald

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