Body Of Proof

9:30pm Tuesday, July 24 on TV2

The dead rise again when the critically acclaimed drama Body of Proof returns for a brand new season this week on TV2.

When an accident ended her career as a top neurosurgeon, Dr Megan Hunt (Dana Delaney, Desperate Housewives) became Philadelphia’s most notorious medical examiner.

Although she’s talent, Dr Hunt’s reputation for being difficult precedes her. Luckily, Dr Hunt has a few fans including her junior medical examiners and investigative partner, Peter Dunlop (Nicholas Bishop), who accept her unorthodox behaviour.

Perhaps her attitude stems from her hostile divorce or lack of a social life. When it comes to understanding the dead, Dr Hunt is remarkable. But when it comes to relationships with the living, she has a lot of work to do.

Tonight, a suspicious accident in a quiet cul-de-sac reminds Megan that things are not always as they seem. Guest starring former LA Laker, Rick Fox.

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  • mockviewer

    Body Of Proof debuted it’s new season last night. No problem there.

    But…. it’s being replayed between 2pm-3pm today (right now in fact) and it’s the same as last night.

    Now here is where it really gets interesting because the same episode is also on this weekend and it makes me wonder which idiot at TVNZ came up with this brilliant idea and yes, this whole paragraph has been sheer sarcasm directed at TV2 and with good reason.