Choice TV to be included in national ratings

Choice TV is excited to announce a key achievement, just weeks after launching on Freeview Terrestrial on 28 April.

Choice TV has immediately met the required minimum audience ratings threshold as set by AC Nielsen. Therefore as of 29 July, Choice TV’s ratings data will be made available to the Industry.

“We are delighted that Choice TV has been so warmly received and supported by both viewers and advertisers, and to meet Nielsen’s requirements in such a short timeframe is an amazing achievement.” said Choice TV’s Head of Programming and Acquisitions Julia Baylis.

An additional 368,000 households will get access to the Channel when Choice TV launches on Freeview Satellite this week. This effectively doubles the current number of households who have been tuning into the Channel to date.

Freeview General Manager Sam Irvine says the launch is great news for all Freeview Satellite households and, in particular those, on the West Coast who are reliant on a satellite dish for their TV reception. “Around 23% of New Zealand households have Freeview Satellite. This new channel is going to add another dimension to their viewing experience.”

According to Choice TV’s General Manager Alex Breingan, “Choice TV has already reached a good level of viewership, as demonstrated by Nielsen’s advice that we can release ratings to the industry at the end of the month. With the additional 368,000 satellite households able to access the Channel from this week, performance will go from strength to strength.”

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  • graham hunt

    i am from the westcoast of the south island and were pleased to have choice TV on free view i watch it last night but when i put it on to day it has frozen and i tried to reload it but it came on still frozen and had error on it can some one tell me how to get intoch with choice TV please or let them know that there channel is not working

    • There was a power outage today but this has now been resolved.