7:30pm Tuesday, July 31 on TV One

TV ONE favourite Coastwatch returns, highlighting the work of fishery officers from the Ministry for Primary Industries and New Zealand airforce and navy personnel, to the maritime police.

Coastwatch gets up close and personal to find out what’s involved in patrolling and enforcing the law that protects our coastlines, waterways and billion dollar Kai-moana industries.

With easy access to beaches, coastlines and water routes, New Zealand’s waters are constantly under threat from poaching, over-fishing and illegal activity. From major poaching ring master-minds to push-your-luck recreational fishermen, Fisheries is always on the look out for abuse of our natural marine resources.

The Maritime Police, along with the Police National Dive Squad, are also on high alert for any maritime emergencies.

Follow the strategic and planned surveillance and bust operations for relentless poachers, as well as Fisheries officers targeting recreational fishermen who always take a few too many.

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