7:00pm – Sunday, July 22 on TV 3

Shelley’s (Lucy Schmidt) world record is broken, forcing her to face old demons and find inspiration in the most unlikely of places in this week’s unmissable Golden season finale, screening on Sunday, July 22 nd at 7pm on 3. Rowing New Zealand, shaken by the news that Shelley’s world record is broken, decide that they want to see her row in a qualifier earlier than originally agreed. This news sends shock waves through the Team Bowman camp.

Shelley hits rock bottom, and finds herself face-to-face with her worst enemy – food. However, inspiration is finally found, before she brazenly decides that it’s time she overcomes her demons, if she’s going to go for gold.

As well as this, this week’s finale will also feature the return of guest star Kelson Henderson as Simon Sweet, as well as Hayden Frost guest starring as Warren, a suspicious supermarket staff member.

Golden producer, Charlotte Hobson says that casting the series’ guest stars was just as important to the series as the four core cast.

“It was vitally important to have good people in these role,” Hobson explains. “One of the things about comedy is that if you have a weak performance (and it may be one line in an episode), you will lose your audience.”

“We made a real attempt to cast people who we thought were extremely capable of delivering these lines and to make the scene funny as it was in the script and so we went out and we cast actors,” Hobson continues. “I feel like the casting has a lot of depth to it and that it really beefs up the credibility of the show. I can honestly say that there is no weak performance in the entire series and that’s quite a big achievement.”

Make sure not to miss the Golden season finale when the series concludes on Sunday, July 22 nd at 7pm on 3.

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