Last Chance To See

7:30pm Sunday, July 22 on Prime


Return of the White Rhino

Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine see common Southern White Rhinos in Kenya and one gets too close for comfort for Stephen. Mark meets Kes Hillman Smith, world expert on rhinos and a contributor to the original radio series. Stephen and Mark are hoping to see the incredibly rare Northern White Rhino in the Democratic Republic of Congo and leave Kenya to cross Uganda. On their way through Uganda they visit the Ngamba Island Chimp sanctuary. Here they get involved in a programme to re-introduce orphaned babies to adult chimpanzees. The chimps, like the rhinos they seek, are mostly victims of the Congolese war. The most endangered rhino in Africa is now the Black Rhino, and Stephen and Mark are involved in a dramatic attempt to ensure the Black rhino does not follow the Northern White into extinction.

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