Shortland Street

7:00pm Monday, August 6 on TV2

TK (Ben Mitchell) and Roimata (Shavaughn Ruakere) struggle to separate business and pleasure, this week on Shortland Street.

Roimata is overjoyed for her husband, TK when he gets a new role as the head of ED, and promises to support him. Meanwhile, TK feels the pressure from Sarah (Amanda Billing) to move patients through quickly and ignores concerns from his team that mistakes will start happening if they continue at such a pace.

As a part of her husband’s ED team, Roimata struggles to keep up and is left shell-shocked when, after failing to provide Josh with a full handover, her patient suffers a seizure after leaving the ED.

After trying to explain herself, Roimata feels hurt and betrayed when TK puts all the blame on her.

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