The Block NZ interview - Part 1

Each day this week, the contestants from The Block NZ will answer one question related to the show.

What’s the most challenging part of a house to renovate?

Rachel and Tyson: The bathroom, and only because it is the most uninteresting room for Tyson so he just doesn’t want anything to do with it.

Libby and Ben: The kitchen. It’s such a vital part of the house, and it needs to be both functional, but also sexy. Very easy to get it wrong, but get it right and your house becomes so much more desirable.

Sarah and Richard: Kitchens and bathrooms both demand a lot in terms of functional planning and forward thinking – no-one wants to be putting in these every few years. So in terms of research and a solid understanding of your priorities, these areas are demanding.

Ginny and Rhys: For us, the most challenging would probably be the landscaping, it’s something so new to us.

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