The Glades

10:30pm – Monday, July 23 on FOUR

After he is wrongfully accused of sleeping with his former captain’s wife, Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) relocates from Chicago to Palm Glade, Florida in the season premier of FOUR’s The Glades, screening on Monday, July 23 rd at 10:30pm on FOUR. Speaking about his new character, Australian native Matt Passmore explains that he was first attracted to the project because Jim “leapt off the page” when he read the script.

“I thought [creator] Clifton Campbell had created a great character,” Passmore explains. “There’s a lot of scripts where you read great characters and that sort of thing, but there was something about this guy that I thought I kind of got him.”

“Whether you’re his equal or his boss, if you do something stupid, he’s going to call you an idiot,” Passmore continues.

“He’s the smartest guy in the room and he’s not going to apologise for it. Why apologise for it? [He’s] getting the job done. If someone else wants to be a baby and get snarky because they got their feelings hurt, then that’s their problem.”

However, Passmore says that although Jim appears to be a “jerk”, he actually has a heart of gold. “The charm about him is that he’s not a bad guy, he’s not a nasty person,” he says. “He steps on people’s toes and he’s the kind of character that doesn’t really care. But the people that he does care about and starts to care about, they’re the cracks… You see these little moments where his heart does become a little more exposed.”

Make sure not to miss your first introduction to Matt Passmore’s Jim Longworth when The Glades premieres on Monday, July 23 rd at 10:30pm on FOUR.

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