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Staff at Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show laid-off

Twenty staff at The Tonight Show have been given the lay-off and Jay Leno has taken a huge paycut, as speculation increases that the show may be in trouble.

The show’s ratings have declined in the last couple of years (ever since the 2010 Conan O’Brien debacle), but the show remains one of NBC’s most valuable, which makes the lay-offs quite surprising.

Glee to bring back Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg’s character on Glee, Carmen Tibideaux, will become a recurring character on the show’s next season, as Rachel Berry starts studying at NYADA, of which Carmen is dean.

The Office spinoff starts casting

The spinoff of the US version of The Office is a step closer to coming to fruition. The spinoff, currently titled The Farm, will follow Dwight (Rainn Wilson) working as a beef farmer and running a bed and breakfast. Majandra Delfino (from Roswell) has just been cast as Dwight’s sister.

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