Australian reality TV stars in knife brawl

If you were one of those who hated The GC, thanks for not allowing that hate to manifest into a drama similar to what has unfolded in Sydney today.

Two of the cast of Network Ten’s show The Shire have been involved in a brawl involving a knife.

A Current Affair has obtained exclusive video of a knife attack and bashing of The Shire stars Vernesa and Sophie at a Sydney shopping centre.

Vernesa and Sophie have gotten into a screaming punch-up and knife fight. The two reality stars were having coffee when a woman abuses them and lunges at them with a knife (Vernesa also has one in her hand), they are then dragged out on to the footpath where the stoush continued and turns into an all out brawl.

The incident happened at lunchtime and has been described a ferals gone mad! There was hair pulling, punching and general bitch slapping until passers by seperated them. The attackers are apparently former friends.

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