Coronation Street fans unhappy with another schedule change

Kiwi Coronation Street fans are upset again with TVNZ, this time for chopping an hour off the British series each week.

TVNZ announced last week that the Saturday night screenings of the soap will be axed as of September 1, meaning we will fall even further behind the UK.

New Zealand is roughly 19 months behind the ITV screenings in the UK.

Coro fans will now only be able to catch the series during two hour-long instalments on Thursday and Friday nights.

The axing follows last year’s infamous switch of Coronation Street and MasterChef Australia, which saw nationwide uproar when the soap screened at the much earlier time of 5.30pm weekdays.

Fans of the show have once again voiced their disapproval of the schedule changes, as well as the fact Come Dine with me is replacing it on Saturday nights.

So what do you make of the latest Coro schedule change?


Source: Herald

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  • ThePowerfulBoy

    Do Coronation Street fans ever stop complaining? TV One is not just for them and they do have to cater for other audiences. TVNZ said at the beginning that the Saturday nights were not permanent

  • Anon

    I too saw when it was put on Saturdays that it was not permanent, and only to try and get us closer to the tram crash episodes (which they have achieved). It is disappointing though – I thought it was finally a bit of good Saturday night viewing! 🙁

  • Betty

    TVNZ are not committed to Coro or its fans. I wish they would relinquish the rights to it and let Sky or TV3 take over and accelerate screenings until it’s caught up. TVNZ has a dog in the manger attitude.