FOUR to broadcast shows just days after their US screenings

FOUR is bringing the best of the States to New Zealand – faster!

From September, FOUR viewers will be able to watch new episodes of their favourite shows only days after they’ve aired in the US. The first Fast FOUR show to hit NZ screens is Glee, which will play only six days after the US premiere. Even better, How I Met Your Mother will be shown in NZ on the same day as it screens in the States. The brand new season of hit show New Girl, will follow shortly after.

Other Fast FOUR shows include the latest seasons of Survivor, Family Guy and The Simpsons. All viewers need to do is look out for the Fast FOUR logo which tells them they are getting new episodes “the same week as the States!”

The Fast FOUR Lineup:
Glee – Premieres Wednesday 19th September
Survivor – Premieres Sunday 23rd September
How I Met Your Mother – Premieres Tuesday 25th September
New Girl – Premieres Tuesday 2nd October
The Simpsons – Premieres Sunday 7th October
Family Guy – Premieres Sunday 7th October

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About the author

  • Sam

    Awesome no more need to download himym

  • show fan

    Brilliant, my downloading will be reduced greatly. Though 4 can scrap david letterman. Hes not funny and the shows tired. How about the excellent Jimmy Fallon or conan o brien?

  • mockviewer

    Letterman isn’t a FOUR programme. He’s on Prime.

  • mockviewer

    The only problem with having Glee on FOUR is no 5.1 surround sound and no HD.

  • Audrey

    Fantastic. Now I dont need to waste gig torrenting and streaming. If more channels did this I would participate in WAY less illegal activity…

  • swarles barkley

    no more downloading HIMYM!!!! well done four

  • Charles

    Will they also do the same for beauty and the beast, and arrow?

  • Reece_555

    Beauty & The beast is going to be on Prime. They were playing promos during the Olympics so it seems likely that it will be aired close to the US.